The Beaten - Short Film

In 2011 McKeown worked again with the now legendary UK disabled actor and comic Liz Carr who starred in his hard-hitting drama, The Beaten. Set in a single room, The Beaten questions society’s attitude to care and domination. Liz’s performance is a tour de force of emotion, vulnerability and empowerment.  Created before the years of austerity that followed which impacted disproportionally on disabled people, McKeown positions Liz Carr against an imposing prison guard played by Phillip Harrison. Why is she in jail and who is beaten?

Liz Carr says that: The Beaten is a spectacularly dark glimpse into what may be the future for many disabled people. It is an important film by a director who is clearly not afraid to take his audiences to the depths of possibility.’

Cast and Crew detail:

Inmate – Liz Car
Ray the Guard – Phillip Harrison

Director of Photography – Chris Tritschler
Camera Assistant – Rory Jackson
Lighting Director – Chris Tritschler
Gaffer – Dave Morgan
Editor – Craig McMullen and Simon Mckeown
Sound Recordist and Sound Designer – Nigel Crooks
Makeup – Mary Anderson
Set and Costume Design – Moira O’Neil
Set Builder – George Strass
CGI – Craig McMullen
Runner – Lee Soar
Casting Director – Nicci Topping
Script Editors - Paul A Darke
Studio Manager – Mark Buschbacher
Colourist – Dan Ocean
Hemin Rasul – Camera Jib assistant
Producer – Paul A Darke

Development Producer – Michelle Eastwood
Executive Producer – Justin Edgar
Executive Producer – Julia Caithness
Written and Directed by Simon Mckeown

The Beaten was supported by the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund and 104 Films with thanks to all those involved. With thanks also to Teesside University and Dr Paul Darke of Outside Centre.



The Beaten was screened at Napoli Human Rights Festival during November 2011.

The Beaten was screened at Bosifest Film Festival in Serbia during June 2011.


Liz Carr on set at The Beaten


McKeown on set with actor Phillip Harrison